If we were making a movie where a superhero was protecting the environments who would be the superhero?



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    There was such a show in the early 90’s called, and the hero was called Captain Planet. He was summoned through the efforts of 5 team members who each had an element of life. Captain Planet would intervene as necessary to save the environment, and in the end, return the power (and the responsibility) of protecting the environment back to the people.

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    I think you’re asking who would play the superhero, and in that case, the role would have to go to Will Ferrell, who has done eco-comedy specials, is an active supporter of the Natural Resources Defense Council, purchased an electric vehicle, and an eco-friendly home. Plus, he’s absolutely hilarious, imagine the possibilities the movie could be as a comedy starring Will Ferrell. My second vote would go to El Hijo del Santo, mexican wrestler who is a real-life caped crusader; he campaigns with the environmental nonprofit Wildcoast to protect coastal areas, promote cleanup of the contaminated Tijuana River, and support gray whale conservation efforts. He could just play himself, add some super powers, with same costume and all.

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    I am think a Captain Planet movie, with Al Gore as Captain Planet. Or if Al won’t do it, Madonna should be the understudy.

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    It would definitely have to be Captain Planet. There have been multiple talks about making Captain Planet a live-action film since the 90s, but we will have to wait and see.

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