If we were a country trying to be more sustainable would we lose weight?



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    We could certainly hope that being more sustainable would help with the country’s obesity problems, but that depends on how we approach sustainability and how intensely we approach it. If we chose to cut back on mass agriculture and focused on more localized, healthier foods to be more sustainable, then I certainly think we would see a drop in obesity rates across the board.

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    I think it would be a good idea to try to lose weight to try to be more sustainable. Food portions are out of control in our country right now. Also, such high demand for beef, chicken, potatoes, and sugar put a lot of pressure on the agriculture industry to produce at such high quantities. It doesn’t help that eating big fatty greasy meals has become somewhat of a virtue. What other country in the world has as many eating contests as we do? Eating less would take the pressure off of industrial food production by lowering demand. People would hopefully be eating healthier food, vegetables from local farms. Local farms can also provide beef and chicken, but much healthier versions because these animals can be given pastures to graze and at the right scale of production so people learn to eat in moderation.

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