If we were all destroyed what do you think would happen to earth?



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    The Earth would be fine. It’s been here for billions of years before we came along and I’m sure it will continue to be around, potentially longer than we will. Anything capable of destroying the entire human race would probably have a pretty devastating effect on other living creatures on earth, though, wouldn’t it? Unless we all just disappeared quietly I’m sure we’d take a few other species out with us, so I don’t think the Earth would be anything like it is now afterward. Eventually I’m sure some of the remaining life would evolve, branch into new species, and new ecosystems would develop.

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    I’ve seen a show on Discovery that addresses pretty much this question, what would happen if we all disappeared. It is pretty interesting and they look at the problem in a number of ways, but the general consensus on what would happen is it would destroy our buildings, roads, and cities in not very long at all. Within hundreds of years we would be down numerous skyscrapers because there would be no more upkeep and the leaks which exist in them now would bring many down. Although an interesting note they brought up was that older ones would last longer because the frame and outer walls had to be strong enough to support the massive weight. With advances in steelworks in the 70s new skyscrapers have walls that are simply a skin on the building and would subsequently fail much sooner. They also suggest many animals would suffer from a rabies outbreak because all of our pets would break out and there would be enough animals in close enough proximity to feed the disease until finally the animal populations were too thinned to support it any longer. But overall the Earth would indeed be fine, likely much happier on the whole. Like I was getting at, it would also not take long for the Earth to completely regain all her territory.

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    If we all disappeared nature would bring itself back into balance.

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         A couple of years ago author Alan Weisman published, The World Without Us, where he describes what would happen to the earth if humans suddenly disappeared.

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