If we walk more would we appreciate nature more?



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    I think that this varies from person to person and the setting you are walking in. For example, if I take a walk around my suburban neighborhood every night, I might not appreciate nature as much as a walk in the wildlife preserve. But taking walks takes us away from cars, TV’s, and puts us outside with nature, allowing us to ponder how all of our actions impact the environment. For me, taking walks, or walking places really makes me think about my place in the world, and also makes me realize how easy it is to take a walk somewhere compared to driving!

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    I think it would for most people. They would at least be forced to look at their surroundings more than they do when they are driving. And for most people, what they would see would not be very desirable or pleasant to see. I think more people would realize how beautiful nature really is compared to the buildings, sprawl, malls, etc. that they have.

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    Today people spend 25 percent less time in nature than they did in 1987. I believe that the more time someone spends in nature, it could be walking on a trail, riding their bike on a forest path, bird watching, going camping, and many more activities, allows them to develop a greater appreciation for nature, associating nature with many fun activities. This differs from person to person; some may develop a greater appreciation than others. Performing outdoor activities can not only create an appreciation for nature but is healthy for humans as well.

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