If we used more salt water for drinking could we help slow down the rise of ocean levels?



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    Saltwater is not used for drinking.  You would first have to find a way to be able to drink ocean water.  But I imagine that if there is a way (now or in the future) to extract the salt out of ocean water and make it drinkable, then you would definitely see a slow down of the rise of ocean levels.

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    The fact is that saltwater is not consumable by humans. Also, there are desalinization plants that are using ocean water and converting it into usable water already so the idea of using ocean water is already being used. Additionally, there is a finite amount of water on earth that is stored in liquid, gas, or solid form. The reason that sea levels are rising is because temperature are rising and glaciers are melting. The only way to slow the increase in sea levels is to stop glacier melt.

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