If we treat dolphins like humans shouldn’t we do the same for all animals?



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    Many scientists believe that dolphins may have achieved some level of consciousness as have humans.  This consciousness referred to here is ignoring dualism and assuming the brain and mind are one in the same. Dolphin’s brains are very similar to humans. A dolphin’s brain has a large amount of cortex, and is very convoluted indicating a higher level of “thinking.” We don’t exactly treat dolphins like we do humans though.  Some cultures eat dolphin, despite how westerners may think of that Idea. As to whether we should give all animals the same respects that many do to dolphins, is entirely a philosophical and ethical question that can only be answered by an individual. Given that the majority of people on earth do not eat dolphin, but do eat meat, is an indicator that most people would argue otherwise.

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    No.  It would be wrong to anthropormphize all animals.  In fact, ideally, we don’t treat dolphins like humans; while we might study their intelligence, etc., we don’t make them into humans. 

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