If we took China and America out of the equation what country produces the most carbon emissions?



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    Next in line would be Russia followed by India.  While China has the most carbon emissions overall, Americans produce the most carbon per capita.  That means if we had a population even close to that of China and lived with the same lifestyle, we would be causing about five times the damage.  And even though Russia comes in third place, they also produce about a third of the emissions of China or America.  

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    Actually the US isn’t the biggest emitor per capita either, it’s Qatar, the US is only 6th in per capita emissions. Apart from that I the info is correct. If we look only at per capita emissions, the biggest problems are caused by Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrian and Trinidad and Tobago, luckily though these are small countries that barely make a noticable impact on a world wide scale.

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