If we rely on voluntary action to fix climate change will anything ever get done?



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    I would say no and even if it was yes, it would probably not be in enough time. As consumers, we are powerful but unfortunately, no single consumer can do enough to sway large corporations. It is difficult to get reform from the government because they are so closely tied to businesses and businesses won’t change unless their profitability is threatened. To compound this, most consumers don’t care enough to make the change and there are many that would like to make changes but can’t do so. Until enough consumers decide to take action to make change and until a large percentage of Americans use their purchasing dollars to say that they want renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly options and initiatives, those who care will remain a minority, trying to jostle for legitimacy and action.

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    No, it’s unlikely that voluntary change will be grand enough to make an environmental turnaround. That’s why groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council are lobbying for environmental legislation to make serious changes toward environmental stewardship.

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