If we need vitamin D from the sun why do we get sun burned?



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    Yes, we do need vitamin D and we can produce it in our skin when we are exposed to the UV light that comes from the sun. Your skin can, however, become over-exposed to the sunlight when exposed to it for extended periods of time. We don’t require hours and hours of exposure under the sun to produce vitamin D, only about 20 minutes. Really, too much of anything can be bad in some ways. Therefore, despite that fact that we require sunlight to produce vitamin D, the rays can still have harmful affects.  

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    Also, it depends on how much melanin your skin is able to produce. Melanin helps your skin absorb sunlight, and mitigates the damamge from the harmful effects of UV rays, which are necessary to create vitamin d, which helps the absorbtion of calcium. Some human bodys are simply more adapted to long periods in the sun than others.

    I hope this helped!

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    Vitamin D can be supplied with vitamin pills, and since I get skin cancer from having very light skin, I rely on those.  There was no sunscreen when I was a child, and I have had bad sunburns.  NO more!  I stasy indoors and take my vitamins. 

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    Some of the most generally accessible sources of vitamin D is without a doubt direct sunlight. Once sun rays come to the skin, generation of vitamin D starts off in the body system. In addition to exposure to the sun, alternative ways to have vitamin D is definitely totally obvious – food. A lot of people consider that ingesting food resources of vitamin D is not needed mainly because sun rays is definitely obtainable and simply up to 20 minutes of contact with the sunshine is sufficient to stop vitamin D insufficiency. Even so, the present active life-style which request inconsistent employment timings provide us short amount of time for sun rays subjection. It’s no surprise that, vitamin D insufficiency is normal in the city human population. Insufficient vitamin D quantities could make the bone tissues weak as well as maximize the chance of weak bones. Each one of these health concerns might be averted simply by introducing food supplies of vitamin D for the eating plan.

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