If we legalize marijuana will it be heavily taxed like cigarettes and alcohol?



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    Possibly, possibly not.  It is now legal to possess small amounts of marijuana in Breckenridge, Colorado, and it’s not taxed there.  Hopefully, though, it will be heavily taxed–and I say that not because i want people to pay more, but because it could be a great new source of revenue that could help lift us out of this recession.  People everywhere are smoking pot.  Why not get some money for public education, for housing and hospitals, in the process? 

    Additionally, medical marijuana dispensaries in Oakland are now taxed by the city, a measure that even the dispensary owner supported.  One quote worth repeating from the article, “Given that the medical cannabis dispensaries are something that was legalized in California, why not have revenue from it?” said councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan.”

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    I’m not sure of the exact percentage on marijuana in California, but I do know that the state collects about $100 million each year on marijuana sales so the tax is probably not insubstantial. 

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