If we had a woodstock for the environment do you think a lot of people would go to it?



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    The prevalence of woodstock type events in recent years are somewhat limited to Coachella and Burning Man. Burning Man of course comes closest to an environmental woodstock. Having not been I can’t say whether or not it has been an effective tool for the environment. I do know that they require participants to abide by strict rules of environmental conduct, however this does not guarantee that participants are uniformly concerned.

    The idea of having a woodstock for the environment, in my opinion, has little potential for being an effective medium for environmental awareness. This is like holding a fundraiser for cancer awareness with a bunch of headlining bands. The crowd comes, they pay to see the band, and the majority of people could care less about the cause. I attended one such a event back in 1998 and recall people throwing snowballs on stage while a woman talked about the importance of breast cancer awareness.

    My suggestion would be to hold an event where participants actively engage in some kind of environmental pursuit.

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