If we had to pay 5 cents for a plastic bag do you think anyone would use them anymore?



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    As an economist it is clear that anytime you raise the price of an item you will affect the number of consumers who purchase this item. However, the number of people who are actually affected is unknown. It has to do with the elasticity of demand.

    I think that at the low price of 5 cents there will be a large number of people who simply won’t care enough about the nickel. On the other hand a lot of people will suddenly become aware of their plastic bag use who will in turn reduce their consumption. I think it is a good idea and can only help the environment.

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    I think people will begin to take notice they are getting charged extra for something, even if it is only a nickel. Charging for plastic bags has dramatically cut down on the usage of bags in Germany, Ireland, and Asian countries. This will still deter more people from using bags and keep them out of our environment.

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