If we had more agricultural land would we be better off with global warming?



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    There is bit of a catch 22 to this question.  While all photosynthetic plant species help combat global warming by sequestering CO2 and producing oxygen, agriculture, especially in the US, actually contributes to global warming.  Industrial agriculture itself has a huge carbon footprint. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 12% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions comes from industrial agriculture. When eating food produced by industrial agriculture, one is effectively eating petroleum. It takes vast quantities of energy to produce fertilizers and pesticides as well as harvest and transport the food. It is an extremely energy inefficient process. It takes 35 calories of fossil fuel energy to make 1 calorie of beef and about 10 calories of grains. That is not the definition of sustainable. If this question was reworded to ask whether or not more organic agricultural land would help combat global warming, the answer would be yes. The first link below nicely lays out the details of how organic agriculture can help the environment.

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