If we get a republican in office will oil drilling off the coast of California open up again?



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    That depends on the republican that is put in office.  John McCain has come out, as recently as three weeks ago, proclaiming that an expansion of oil drilling efforts to the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California would be detrimental to our country’s energy independence.  However, this issue has become a rallying point for the minority party in congress, and McCain’s change in opinion on the issue is symptomatic of how politicized the disbanding of the American shore oil drilling moratorium has become.  He now believes that it should be up to individual states to decide whether or not they allow drilling off of their coasts.  Ultimately, I believe that if a Republican were in office, odds are we would have the Californian coasts open to drilling, but not necessarily.  There has been clear sentiment before in the Republican party against it before the issue became so politicized, despite that sentiment being a minority opinion.

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