If we found an alien what would you name it?



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    I’m fond of Vonnegut’s name for aliens: Tramalfadorians.

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    Well I would probably introduce myself to the alien and see what they call themselves. But if I had to choose a name for them, I would follow along the lines of those who gave names the planets and other outworldly bodies and give them the names of ancient gods and goddesses. Just in case.  

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    Harry Potter.

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    Well, first, I’d see if it could talk, so it could tell me if it already had a name, or what it would want to be named. If that option were ruled out, then it would come down to a choice between Hans and Marcus Aurelius.

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    Maybe it would name us if it were more advanced. I just hope it wouldn’t call us “Dead”!

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    I would not name the alien because I would expect that the alien is a complex creature himself and has his (or her, or its) own name.  I would attempt to communicate with the alien and found out what he/she/it calls itself and then call it only that.

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