If we do not get an international climate deal what will be the cause of it?



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    From what I’ve read and watched, the current talks in Copenhagen will not result in an international climate deal or bill.  However, the main purpose of these talks is to emphasize the issue of climate change and to mobilize all nations to cooperate and establish their own regulations.  The only roadblock to any form of agreement is the refusal of certain nations to curb emissions and improve emissions goals.  The cause of no climate goals agreements would be that if one nation isn’t going to curb emissions, then why should other countries do so.  This goes especially if the United States and China doesn’t establish higher goals for emissions reductions, which is not the case.  

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    It is likely the climate summit will not reach consensus on emissions reduction due to the unwillingness of the United States to agree to any treaty until at least next year. The United States leads the world in part because of its economic and political power, but in the case of climate change the US is responsible for contributing the largest amount of green house gasses; more than any other country. This makes the cooperation of the US particularly significant when it comes to negotiations in Copenhagen. By being a party to secret negotiations with other developed countries at the summit, the US is engaged in actively undermining the democratic structure of the meeting itself.









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