IF we didn’t recycle how much worse would the world be?



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    We would have more issues with landfills getting filled up, and more energy being put into making products that could have been made with pre-existing used products (in other words, a waste of energy). Products that are made from recycled post-consumer items like paper towels, pop cans, cardboard boxes, glass bottles, etc. wouldn’t exist, air pollution would increase even more, etc the list goes on. See below. 

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    I think the world would be much less off than what it is now. Recycling has helped tremendously reduce our amount of trash just thrown into the landfill. It has helped reduce the cost of manufacturing some materials because we are able to reuse instead of having to extract or cut more of our natural resources.

    There are many countries where they still do not recycle. You can see large amounts of trash piled up and so many plastic bottles and pop cans in the garbage cans outside of stores.

    It is very fortunate that we recycle and we must continue to encourage more people to join the cause.

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