If we didn’t have a problem with genetically modified food could it help us out?



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    Genetically modified food crops are already making some farmers’ lives a lot easier. One of the most common modifications is “building” pesticides or pest repellents straight into a fruit or vegetable. For the most part, the long-term effects of consuming genetically modified food are not well understood, but there are already more of them, along with their derivatives, in stores and supermarkets than most people are aware. (In the US, they’re not legally required to be labeled as genetically modified.)

    Some studies have shown that genetically modified crops yield more product per area than conventionally grown food; other studies disagree. Certainly I’d imagine that some GM crops cut down on the amount of labor required by the farmer; whether it’s worth the risks is the subject of much debate.

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    Good question Augustwang17, and good answer laurelsierra.  I would like to add the fact that although GM crops have become more of an issue lately, humans have taken place in genetically modifying crops since they began farming thousands of  years ago.  This was done through the use of selective breeding, or artificial selection.  By selectively growing only plants that have desirable traits, we alter the course of the natural order of things and produce plants that otherwise may not have existed.  To use a relevant metaphor, our agricultural history is rooted in genetically modified crops.

    Hope this helps!

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