If we could capture the methane from cows what would we do with it?



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    Methane is already being captured from dairies, cows primarily, and California utility companies (for example) are researching if methane capture for natural gas use would be a commodity that their natural gas customers would buy. DGS is one such company, that is currently researching out-of-state dairies to use in their natural gas pipelines. Currently California utility facilitators (PG&E) have restrictions on in-state methane capture: it must come from dairies (not landfills) so that other gases like sulfur are not in the mix. Currently there are no restrictions on out-of-state imports of methane as a natural gas source.
    There is also an interest to capture methane so as to prevent its release into the atmosphere. It is a powerful greenhouse gas, several hundred times more powerful than CO2. Yet luckily, it is not in as great of abundance as CO2.

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