If we continue to be in a recession do you think the green industry can continue to grow?



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    It depends on the sector. Some non-profit green jobs that rely on private funding may have to scale down and lay people off. Federally funded green jobs, however, now have $30 billion to create alternative energy projects and jobs. Environmental engineers will need to build all these solar panels, wind mills, and so on. Plus there are a lot of water shortage issues (California, the entire Southwest, Florida) and so hydrologists will be needed. Those who work in national/state parks? They will feel the pinch, unless the public speaks up and prevents the severe budget cuts already planned.

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    I think it depends on the federal response to the recession.  If conservative ideology prevails, government spending will be scaled back and funding for green initiatives and alternative energy development will be cut.  The upfront costs to overhauling the energy industry, in addition to improvements in the energy efficiency of cars, businesses, etc. often present major financial hurdles.  What’s more, investors become wary of financing green projects that bear high initial costs, and without their investments, long-term profits become unattainable for business owners. 

    If, on the other hand, the federal response is to continue spending (even with our national deficit) to stimulate economic growth (by encouraging the flow and spending of money), we may see a significant growth in the green industry.  As economic stimuli provide capital for investors to finance green initiatives, many projects become affordable.  Subsidized funding from the government can also facilitate this growth. 

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