If we can get a handle on our obesity rates will that help the environment?



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    Absolutely, food consumption is one of the major drivers of global warming. The more we eat, the more food needs to be produced, and that production is usually handeled by industrial farms. Not to mention food packaging and transportation, both of which pollute and take up natural resources. Of course, if our means of controling obesity includes reducing the time people spend in cars (as opposed to walking or biking, for instance), then that will obviously be a major boon to the environment as well.

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    Another factor is that, presumably, reining in our obesity rates would mean consuming, as a whole, a lot less fast food. Fast food is notoriously bad for the environment, promoting chemical use, deforestation, heavy use of transportation, and the huge amount of waste generated by wrappers, etc. Reducing fast food intake is one of the most clear-cut ways to reduce both American obesity and overall pollution.

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    I think that it can go both ways; being more eco-friendly can help reduce obesity rates, and reducing obesity rates can help the environment. As other users have noted, a decrease in consumption, particularly of fast food, is beneficial to both health and the environment. Additional factors that would affect both obesity rates and the environment positively include walking and biking instead of taking cars. Relying too much on cars for transportation leads to weight gain due to inactivity, and pollution for the environment. As a side note, losing weight can make a very small impact on the amount of fuel needed for transportation, as it takes less fuel to transport lighter weights. Additionally, if people went outside to get physical activity instead of staying indoors, there would be an increase in weight loss, coupled with a decrease in electricity use.

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