If we can get cloning down should we use it for food?



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    Not necessarily. The problem is that when you clone a species, you still have to give birth to it through a surrogate mother. Therefore you still have to feed the animal so it will grow to full size. (It’s not like you just put the thing you want a copy of in a machine and hit a button and an identical copy pops out of the second chamber in the machine — we have not figured out how to synthesize matter in this way [and probably never will] — so we are stuck having to let things grow.) For anything to grow it has to be fed and nourished, given adequate water, kept healthy, etc. So if the aim is to clone the healthiest and the largest animals, perhaps we could use this new technology to get more impressive livestock. But it’s important to remember that feeding an animal Oats and Grains and allowing it to grow is 10 times less efficient than eating the grains and oats ourselves— basically, if we stopped factory farming meat products, and diverted all the resources used to feed and grow the animals to full size to human needs (like those starving in third world countries) we could probably solve the issue of the food shortage within a matter of days and hours. 

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