If we become a green nation will people hate us less?



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    My answer is yes, people will hate us LESS. In my opinion, one reason many people look down upon Americans is because we consume far more and pollute far more per capita than other country; more importantly, we consume other nations resources. Amory Lovins is credited with being among the first environmentalists to relate foreign dependency on oil to national security, arguing that if we do not invest in soft (AKA renewable) technologies, we are exposing ourselves to expensive wars over foreign resources. Another reason people may hate us is because of our politics over issues like climate change. The more we refuse binding agreements the more we are viewed as basically greedy; even though we produce less carbon dioxide than developing nations like China. So hypothetically, by going green and investing in renewable technology we demonstrate our willingness to fight the issue while exporting our ideas to other countries that could benefit from them.

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