If we all rode bicycles would our bodies produce more carbon than vehicles do now?



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    No.  Over the average person’s lifetime, they will exhale 0.037 grams of carbon dioxide a day – totalling 23 tons over ther lifespan.  While this seems like a lot, compared to the total carbon dioxide emissions from 2006, 28 gigatons, this number is miniscule.  If we were to take cars of the roads completely we would be saving 11,450 pounds of carbon dioxide per car per year.  With over 600 million vehicles on the road today worldwide, the amount of carbon dioxide saved in the first year alone is so much greater than that produced by respiration it wouldn’t matter.

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    Actually, yes, we would produce more carbon.  Obviously the more physical exertion, the harder and more often you take a breath.  So yes, obviously on the exhale, carbon would be released more often.  However, as stated above, humans could NEVER create the amount of carbon cars do.  

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    If everyone used bikes for their travelling, their bodies initially would produce more carbon, but not more than a car. After a couple of weeks however, the body gets used to biking and becomes more efficient in producing energy, thus you can ride faster, with less effort and for longer periods of time. The human body is an adapting machine, whatever you do with it it will figure out a way to be efficient.

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