If water bottles get hot in my car before I drink them are they still safe?



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    Though there are speculations that drinking water from a water bottle left in a higher temperature environment (i.e. a car) could be bad, there are no studies that can definitively prove this for certain types of plastics. For example, there isn’t much scientific evidence about bottles made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). However polycarbonate bottles contain BPA which has been linked to health issues. And even then, there is controversy over how much BPA is needed to actually be of concern.

    Your best bet is to try to keep your water bottles away from extreme heat exposure. And better yet, switch to a reusable metal bottle like the ones that Kleen Kanteen or Sigg make.

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    Pbdesai has a great point here in switching to a reusable bottle. I have a glass bottle that I love and keep full under the seat in my car, its made by a company called Lifefactory. I think water tastes best out of glass, and this bottle has a silicone sleeve that protects it from impact from a fall or anything else I put it though. Lifefactory, Sigg and Kleen Kanteen are great because they usually keep water pretty cool, even in heat. 

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