If the United States has a feed in tariff how many jobs can it create?



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    As a preface, there currently is a feed in tariff within some states.

    I don’t believe it would have a direct contribution to job generation, it does however, by acting as an incentive to on-site renewable installation and maintenance – perhaps have provisions to increase the demand for technicians to allow for the routing, it also bolsters the renewable industry which (particularly solar as it is the most viable for on-site currently).

    There are many companies that aim in particular to hire certified solar installers, a higher demand for solar installations would increase the demand for this position.

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    There are a few states in the US that have feed in tariffs enacted within the utility companies: Vermont, Florida and California, to name a few. More states and cities use net-metering. The difference between the two is net-metering is a credit against your utility bill, and feed in tariffs actually pay you for selling electricity back to the grid. Other than the consumer getting a little money back from their utility company there probably wouldn’t be an increase in jobs with feed in tariffs.

    If all states and utility companies had either net-metering or feed in tariffs then an increase in jobs would be needed to meet the demands.

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