If a tumble weed is green, is it a fire hazard?



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    Green tumbleweeds (those that have only recently broken from their stems and are not yet completely dry) do not pose the same fire threat as dry tumbleweeds.  However, it is still advised to properly dispose of all tumbleweeds that pile up on one’s property regardless of whether or not they have already completely dried.

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    Your best bet for safety purposes is to  to keep tumbleweeds under control by removing them when they first crop up.  A little sticker bush is easy to pull up with a hoe.  Try to remove your baby tumbleweeds every couple of weeks that way you won’t have any huge weeds to clean on your property at summer’s end.  Also, keep the area around the house clear of the grasses that will grow in the early spring weather. Putting these methods in place will go a long way to safe guarding your property from fire.

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