If these sea turtles have been in the Pacific Ocean for 150 million years and are now threatened by climate change, does that mean the climate has changed more dramatically recently than it has in the previous 150 million years?



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    Yes, after the industrial revolution, human populations began increasing exponentially (more and more each year are added on top of the previous total)… and our uses of electricity, energy, and fossil fuels are also increasing more and more rapidly… If you look at charts of CO2 levels in the atmosphere and the oceans, you see an exponential curve—it goes up and up and up all of a sudden about 200 years ago—and it’s not any coincidence that this was the start of the industrial revolution, the end result of which was a drastic increase in human population and energy consumption. It’s scary. How are we going to undo the ills we have caused to make ourselves so strong, so great, so taken care of? The climate hasn’t changed all that much more dramatically (we still have seasons and all) in the recent century, but it is showing signs that it most certainly will! Unless we do something about it…

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