If there were no rain forests tomorrow, what would happen?



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    The complete removal of all rainforests would probably cause a global collapses of the planet’s ecosystems. Some life would survive, but species would drop left and right. The rainforests are vital breeding habitat for many species, they also provide wood and oxygen for the planet. Removing them completely would break a very important link the overall web of the planet’s life, and the results would be devastating. For example, temperate-zone songbirds which usually overwintered in rainforests would die out for lack of food in winter. The effects would be far-reaching and entirely unpleasant.

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    From my understanding, if there were no rain forests, we would be in a bit of a crisis.  With no rain forests, all the ecosystems would be negatively affected.  All those species who’s habitat was the forest, would perish.  Also, taking away from the system like that, is an awful situation.  There would be affects in the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. 

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    Many species and tribes that exist within would find it difficult to sustain life. Tribes that have maintained tradition would be forced to assimilate into “civilized” culture and be introduced to modern concepts. It’s difficult to say how well they will adapt to the new world. As for the animals that survive in the rain forest, adapting could be a matter of life and death. Those cute little lemurs reside in rain forests so I hope nothing happens!

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