If there were more kids in Boy Scouts do you think that we would care about nature more?



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    The Boy Scouts certainly make it a part of their mission to cultivate in young people a sense of wonder and responsibility regarding the natural world. In addition to the Boy Scouts, there are number of youth organizations that promote natural awareness: summer camps, orientation clubs, birding societies, etc. Whether or not greater participation in such organizations is the ultimate solution to our culture’s apathy regarding nature, I certainly believe that young people would better cultivate their minds and bodies by spending time outdoors rather than slumped in front of video-games. The cyborgisms that so many of our young people have adopted contributes to our society’s ignorance of the beauties and diversities of the natural world. It’s important for parents to give their children a good education in nature–even by doing something as simple as teaching them the names of birds and plants. It is equally important for adults not to lose their childlike curiosity and sense of wonder toward the natural world as they get older.

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