If there were less air pollution in the atmosphere, would more stars be visible at night?



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    That is part of the problem.  Air pollution, aside from causing its own visibility problems, can also cause clouds to hold their precipitation longer, meaning the clouds last longer before they make rain and dissapear.  So both the problem of decreased visibility in the sky, and increased lifespan of a cloud can reduce night visibility.

    Another kind of pollution that makes stars hard to see at night is light pollution.  Because our cities are so well lit at night, it makes it harder for us to see the stars.

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    Light Pollution is also a huge problem on why you can’t see stars.  I live in Los Angeles right now and it is crazy here.  It almost feels like there is a football stadium 5 blocks away at all times.

    I’m from a mid-size city in Ohio and so when I got here I was like, “it never gets dark!….and there are no stars!” 

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