If there wasn’t a greenhouse effect would there be global warming?



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    Global warming is enhancing the greenhouse effect.  The greenhouse effect, on its own, is a good thing; it is what sustains life on earth by providing us with the right mixture of gases to breathe, a livable temperature for flora and fauna, and proper amounts of sunlight reflected and allowed through the atmosphere.  If there wasn’t a greenhouse effect, there would not be global warming, but there also would not be any life on earth.

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    This always supported my theory that global warming was going to happen sooner or later, humans just sped up the process. Our mass amounts of carbon being released into the atmosphere are “upsetting” the natural order of gasses in the air, thus heating up the atmosphere. If there was no greenhouse effect, there would also have to be no life on earth, like andyyea mentioned. Bother are connected in one way or another. 

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