If there was an electric version of the smart car would you be more willing to buy it?



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    so much of the appeal of the smart car is economic and practical. it is a small, efficient commuter car so logically, an electric version would only increase the desirability of a smart car.

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    Yes, I would be more willing to buy it than I am now, but I still probably wouldn’t purchase it.  For me, an electric car seems like a hassle because I live in the city, and I’m pretty sure the parking garage attached to my building isn’t equipped with charging stations.  If I lived in a different setting though, a Smart Car that ran on electricity would be much more appealing.

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    I think an electric version of the smart car would be a great thing, and I think more people would be willing to buy it. For me personally, I think it is a cute looking car but I don’t think I would buy it because I don’t see myself driving around in it.

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