If there is one, who would be regarded as today’s Shakespeare?



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    It’s hard to compare someone to Shakespeare, first of all because he was a playwright and while drama is still a rich, exquisite form it is not as popular as it was back in Shakespeare’s time. Also, there are many reason Shakespeare is so revered and many of them are time tested so it is hard to say which artist now has lasting power and significance like Shakespeare. It may be easier to tell in a few hundred years which artists humanity will still be talking about and then maybe then you could compare someone to Shakespeare. 

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    It is truly impossible to say. lilykosmicki does a good job of covering why.


    However, if I had to name a few names, here are my top three:

    T.S. Eliot

    David Mamet

    Eugene O’Neil


    All three are modern playwrights with consistently good works that are played around the world and adapted for other mediums.

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