If there is a non-recyclable item in my recycling, will all my recycling be thrown away?



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    It probably depends a lot on where you live, but overall it seems like no, just the items that are not recyclable will be removed. A lot of cities are transitioning to non-sort recycling, in which residents have to do very little or no sorting at all, and just put all their recyclables in one bin. Some places are adopting high-tech machinery that uses magnets, air blowers, and scanners to sort out the materials and remove inappropriate items. Other places, such as Portland, Oregon, dump all the materials onto a conveyor belt and a sorter, a person standing next to the belt, picks and sorts through the materials that need to be removed. So your items will still get recycled, but it makes everyone’s jobs a lot easier if you sort carefully and only put appropriate items in the bin.

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    It depends on your city’s rules. I just googled “louisville recycling guidelines” and I have an extensive list of what can and cant be recycled. It also says that if a “bad item” ends up the whole load won’t be landfilled because they hand sort the stuff! WOW!

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