If there havn’t been any accidents with nuclear power why don’t we use more?



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    There are a whole host of reasons, actually. Outside of the confirmed nuclear powers, the UN is constantly trying to prevent other countries from nuclearizing their power systems, and further utilization could seem hypocritical.

    But outside of the obvious political backlash, we have a couple problems in the US. The first is that we didn’t develop the technology that the French did, and instead focused on weapons during the cold war. The second is that it produces absurdly toxic environmental waste, which is turn produces environmentalist protesters who were originally less worried about the threat of greenhouse gases and more about nuclear power. The last, and perhaps most prominent, reason is the NIMBY phenomenon (“Not In My Back Yard”). The term refers to the idea that a group of people can recognize the necessity for a resource, say, nuclear power, but they don’t want it anywhere physically near them. Nuclear power plants and military bases often have location problems for this reason, and without a place to put one, no one’s going to build it.

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