If there is bacteria or viruses in soil can plants or vegetables soak them up and transfer them to the people or animals that eat them?

I’m guessing the answer is no, otherwise the bacteria in fertilizer would get soaked up and poison the creature that eats it, right?



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    The viruses and bacteria that affect people usually don’t affect humans so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. If it is a fungus, or a type of bacteria or virus that is lying on the plant, on or outside of it, then there is something to worry about. It is the same concept as say if a virus were present on a soiled tissue or something.

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    It is very unlikely for that to happen, but it does occasionally as we have experienced with the Ecoli scares.  If cows have it, it often runs off from their pastures into the nearby farms or leeches into the soil which is absorbed by the plants.  This is why problems arise having too many farms and cattle ranches side by side because of the chance of cross-contamination.  

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