If there aren’t any pesticides used in organic farming do they have more crop loss because of bugs?



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    There are a variety of organic methods that are used to control pests. Garlic pesticides are used in vineyards to supress aphids. Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) is also a useful biological control for cabbage moths that infect multiple brassica family plants. Bt is a bacteria that infects and kills the cabbage moths without harming plants or humans. It is applied as a spray and can be easily multiplied as a culture in milk to save money.

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    Lower crop yield isn’t an absolute when it comes to organic farming. Actually, a study conducted at the University of California in Davis provided results which were quite the opposite. The first 8 years of the project showed that low-input and organic systems were able to produce as much yield as conventional systems, without degradation of the soil.

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