If there are any sentences that is incorrect or doesn’t make sense, can you rewrite them for me as a correction?

We had breakfast in the restaurant. After that, we went canoeing and cycling. Later on, we had our picnic and I ate a packet of crisps and tuna sandwich. Jahid and I watched TV in Mr Masters room. Then we had dinner and I watched football instead of dancing in the disco.



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    Almost all of it is correct.  There should be a comma (,) after picnic in the third sentence because it is a compound sentence, and an “a” before tuna.  In the 4th sentence there should be a period after Mr because prefixes are ended with periods.  Finally, in the 5th sentence there should be a a comma after dinner because it is also a compound sentence.

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    Everything mentioned above is correct. I would also add an apostrophe to Master since it’s possesive (Mr. Masters’).

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    Also add an ‘a’ before tuna sandwich to indicate you are eating one sandwich. TV is fine the way it is, but you can also switch it to television just to be safe. There should be a comma after ‘Then’ because it is an interjection.  

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