If so many states have a problem with the EPA greenhouse gas regulation how did it get passed so easily?



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    There are times when the government actually works as it should. The environment is something that effects everyones health.  This is much more important than what the states say.  When things like that happen the government can put its foot down. 

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    As keithplya9 said, the federal government does have the power to “put its foot down” in matters that it deems important enough.  It is usually avoided because it seems counterintuitive to the idea of democracy, which is delegated by the people to Congress, but often involves years of filibustering and general tom-foolery to reach a conclusion.  Unfortunately for the atmosphere, Congress has struck back, introducing several bills that will “suspend” the EPA’s regulation for a minimum of two years, to give Congress “sufficient opportunity” to weigh the benefits and consequences of such a regulation.

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