If the air smells does that mean its polluted?



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    Not all smells indicate pollution. If the air smells bad, it may just be a localized situation, like burning something in the oven. That said, I’m sure the air smells different in, say, Beijing than in cleaner cities.

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    It really depends on the smell, and the situation. Rotten-egg stink might be deadly hydrogen sulfide, dangerous and unpleasant chinese drywall, or harmless and unpleasant rotten egg.  That pickle smell might be pickles in the kitchen, or formaldehyde outgassing in the garage. It all depends on the particular situation.

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    A smell in the air does not necessarily mean air pollution is present, as smells are relative to place and situation. Does the smell of roses mean the air is polluted? Most would say no, and this goes for bad smells as well. If your pet does his/her business outside and it creates a foul smell, that does not mean he just polluted the air. On the other hand, certain smells can provide a clue to possible pollution, such as chemical or oily smells. The sense of smell can be subjective, so further investigation of the cause of the smell is needed to ascertain whether or not true pollution is present.

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