If Seattle can pass an ordinance limiting junk mail, why can’t every other city?



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    Seattle city council members made reducing the amount of junk mail in the city a priority. If the citizens and local governments in every other city also prioritized it, then they could do it too. DoNotMail.org is an organization that fights to reduce unwanted junk mail and provides lots of tips and information.

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    This is a really good question. I recently moved about 20 minutes North of Seattle from Florida, and I have definitely noticed that I get a lot less junk mail than I used to. I admire Seattle’s efforts to limit junk mail, especially since I think most of us throw it away.

    Our apartment complex has put a recycle bin right next to the mailbox, which I really appreciate! That way, at least people can throw their junk mail in the recycle bin and keep it out of the trash!

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    Apparently the U.S. Postal service often tries to keep junk mail in the system, saying it helps fill jobs.  More info can be found on a question answereed earlier:


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