If pesticides aren’t harmful why do people wear protective suits when they put them on plants?



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    Oh, pesticides are definitely harmful. When I was researching another GreenAnswers question today (http://greenanswers.com/q/26067/pollution-toxins/water-pollutants/where-groundwater-most-contaminated/) I happened to notice that one of the high priority clean up sites in California, for example, is a former pesticide storage facility. If that is not an indication of the hazards of pesticides, I don’t know what is.

    In all reality though, the dangers and toxicities of pesticides are well documented. At high doses, like those when the chemicals are being applied, are especially dangerous, hence the reason people require protective gear. Of course, if you wash your produce, the hazards to you are less prominent, but the damage to the environment has already been done at that point. Further, many applications (especially at the small scale urban level) are done incorrectly and at higher levels than necessary.

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