If a person was to develop a green building product who would you talk to about getting into the market to compete with existing products I have developed a earthen cement that is zero emissions to produce.



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    The first thing you should do would be work on a patent. If your process can be patented in will take a substantial amount of money and time. This part is key though as it will be hard to find investors for an existing process or an un-patented process. Your process could also be stolen if you get investors without the patent and they file for the patent before you do. The patent laws have changed and patents are given to those “First to file.”

    Your next step should be to get an attorney. Most people do this while they file for a patent as there are patent lawyers that can assist with your patent application. A patent lawyer will help steer you into safe business practices and can help keep you from being taken advantage of by large companies or corporations.

    Once you have a patent in place you should next start looking for investors. A good way to find investors is by networking. Talk to colleagues, business owners, friends, and family about investing in your company. You can also search for venture capitalists who might be interested in your company. Finally, you could also present your patent to another concrete manufacturer and see if they would like to buy the rights to your patent.

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