if people knew how bad beef was for the environment do you think they would eat as much?



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    As everybody else has said, there are almost certainly a lot of people who simply aren’t aware of the potential damage cattle-raising can have on the environment, and the knowledge will likely impact how they go about consuming beef. That said, it’s important to remember that we’re not just dealing with stubborn individuals. When it comes to America, you’re struggling against the entirety of our food culture. Just think of how much cheeseburgers are a fact of the cultural consciousness. It’s easy to be dismissive of it, or to say that people are just being lazy, but many Americans have grown up in a world where beef was delicious and never bad. It’s not so easy to overturn the entirely of a cultural tradition, even for very good reasons.

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    It depends on the person, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.  A few years ago I gave a speech at several schools about the health effects of meat, egg and dairy products mostly in relation to factory farming.  Most people were suprised by the results and started to think more about the impact of their eating.  So, yes, I think it is possible to influence people to eat differently if they had a sufficient amount of information.

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