If one can (and where) recycle heavy plastic sacks used to cover mattresses?



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    Check the bag for a recycling number. When I got a new mattress, I believe it was number 4 (coul dbe wrong) plastic, which my school has a recycling program for. Look for the recycling number, and find out if your local city or town recycling supports that number. Alternatively, what a friend of mine did was duct tape up the rips she made in the bag and use it as a very large trash bag for cleaning out her house.

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    You can use the website provided below – simply type in “mattresses”, along with your zip code, and you will be given a list of nearby recycling centers that accept mattresses.  However, because you are looking to recycle a very specific part of the mattress, it is best to call the center first and ask if they accept the plastic covers.  If not, perhaps they can direct you to a center that does.

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