If Obama, Gore, and Clinton were all in the White House at the same time could we be more green?



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    Here is an interesting article that compares Obama’s presidency to Clinton’s with regard to green legislation: http://www.slate.com/id/2229221/

    Like the Koyoto Protocol and other botched attempts at going green legislatively suggest, I think going green has to be a lifestyle change that becomes important to the American people before the legislature can really make a difference. Sure, a green congress with these three green spokesmen leading the way could impose more emissions limits and standards for green building, etc, but they couldn’t make people want to live green. And that’s where the biggest change must come.

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    I think it would be easier because people trust Clinton much more than any recent president. This may not be because skill at president, just because he was president during prosperous times. Clinton and be able to spearhead Obama’s economic policies if they were in the whitehouse with him. 

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