If the numbers are botched for global warming does that mean we should stop trying to reduce our carbon footprint?



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    There will always be a group of people out there claiming that the numbers showing global warming is real are wrong, that new evidence has overturned the idea of global warming, or that a “global warming conspiracy” has been “exposed.”  Most of these people are funded by the fossil fuel industries and the economic and political interests that depend on them – or else they are getting their information from the fossil fuel industries.  The fact is that global warming is a well-established scientific concept, supported by hundreds of different studies.  Even if something turned out to be wrong with the numbers in any one study, that would not be reason to throw the idea of global warming out the window.  Global warming deniers, relying on invalid evidence by non-scientists, will continue to sow misinformation about the climate, and will continue to get away with it because they are very well-funded.  The best response is probably to ignore them.

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