If northen california getj flooded from risen sea levels what citites would be flooded?



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    San Francisco, Sacremento, San Mateo, and other costal cities are at a very high risk for flooding.

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    Northern Calfornia is not in as much danger of flooding from rising sea levels, as it would be affected by changing weather patterns and impacts to food production.  But, there are many places that would be affected, and the Artic region and Alaska are already affected by the rise in temperatures.  The melting ice actually accelerates global warming as the earth absorbs more sunlight and gets hotter.  In the United States rising seas would primarily affect the Atlantic and Gulf coasts – Louisiana, Texas, Florida and North Carolina.  The melting land-based ice sheets contribute to rising sea levels and threaten low-lying areas around the globe – but sea level is not affected when floating ice melts as that mass was already in the sea – it was a solid, but when it melts it is a liquid. 

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