If my water is a dirty color even after I boil it is it OK to drink?



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    It should be, after all boiling water is the safest/most effective way to kill anything harmful in the water. Almost all pathogens die by the time they reach 185 degrees F, and boiling water reaches 212 degrees F, therefore you don’t even need to boil the water for a longer time, once it reaches the boiling point it kills anything harmful and is safe to drink. Also if it is a reddish brown color, then usually that is just iron and is still good to drink.

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    If you want to remove the coloring of the water, running it through a filtration system should eliminate any particulate or chemicals that may be adding their color to the water (as long as the filter grating is small enough).  This will also remove most metals and some pathogens, and may improve the taste of the water as well. 

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